Our Mission

​We support Foster Care Leavers as they transition from being teenagers to being independent adults. We ensure they have all the right building blocks in place to go confidently and positively into adult life so they can reach their potential, not hindered by their troubled start. Above all, we prevent disadvantaged children and young people being homeless.

What we do


We now have two charity houses in Thatcham, Newbury: Cornerstone and Rebecca House. These can house a total of seven Young People.

You can find out more about our charity houses.


We have a live-in Supervisor in each house, a Support Manager plus three further support staff, all of whom provide day to day support to our young people, whether practical and emotional.

Development Programmes

Upon arriving with us, the young people are assessed against key ‘Life Building Blocks’ to ascertain what practical, personal and academic skills they require to help them become a valuable member of society. These could include things like cooking, money management, gardening, personal health & hygiene, education etc

Our 7 Promises & Commitments

1. To make a difference to the young disadvantaged children and young adults in West Berkshire.

2. To prevent Young Care Leavers being homeless and living on the streets.

3. To provide a home for 16 to 25 year olds.

4. To establish a development programme tailored for each unique young person, which will give them the building blocks they need to develop into mature, responsible, respectful members of society and can move onto independent living as soon as is possible and right for them.

5. To provide not just practical support but emotional and psychological support.

6. To bridge that critical gap between Foster Care and independent living so Young People can move positively and uninhibited into adulthood and fulfil their aspirations.

7. To treat each young person as a unique individual.

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We’ve launched a page on the West Berkshire Lottery. Now you can support us and other local causes while being in with a chance to win £25,000.
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