Our mission

All donations, whatever their size and regularity, are much appreciated and enable us to offer continued support to disadvantaged young people in West Berkshire.

You can give a regular or single donation via the links below, or you may wish to give a single donation via our project on The Good Exchange platform where your donation may be doubled! 

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“The support from Young People and Children First has made me a much stronger, confident person and has helped me along the journey of becoming an adult.

Regular Giving

£10.00 / month

£10 per month could fund group ‘life skills’ sessions to aid independent living. Budget cooking with home grown ingredients, money management, CV writing, and much more.

Donate regularly

£20.00 / month

£20 per month could help fund a support worker to work with a young person to understand and manage their desire to self-harm

Donate regularly

£35.00 / month

£35 per month could help fund a monthly therapy session, to aid recover from childhood trauma, one step at a time.

Donate regularly

£other / month

Any amount you contribute will make a difference to a young person. They will have a home and all the support they need to become independent.

Donate regularly

Single Donation 

£10 – mental health support

£10 will fund transport to local parks. commons, and nature reserves. We spend a lot of time with our young people outside to support their wellbeing and mental health.

Single donation

£25 – new memories

£25 will help fund group activities for our young people. These increase confidence, resilience and help form trusting relationships. These create happy, fun memories which are pulled on in times of anxiety.

Single donation

£64 – volunteer enhanced DBS

£64 would fund a volunteer check with the Disclosure and Barring Service which is required before a volunteer befriender can pend time supporting a young person.

Single donation


All donations, big and small, add up to provide our young people with all the necessities and opportunities to help them become happy and independent.

Single donation

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

  • All house monthly costs and maintenance
  • Young person activities
  • Young person welfare costs
  • Young person therapy
  • Projects with Young people, gardening, Christmas workshops, work experiences etc
  • Staff costs including training and welfare
  • Office running costs, incl volunteer expenses.
  • Preparing for acquiring a new house